The Joshua Tree House

This is the house that started it all.

The Joshua Tree House - photo by Ellie Lillstrom

After falling in love with Joshua Tree during a one night stay on a cross-country road trip, the Mojave desert never left our thoughts. Within weeks of returning to the west coast from our travels, we headed straight back for this magical place with the intention of buying a property of our own.

Joshua Tree, CA

On our first trip back to Joshua Tree we explored the area further, went hiking in the park, and stayed up late to enjoy the stars. After returning home to San Francisco and obsessively looking online for a house that called our names, we finally found the place that made our hearts skip a beat. And we found it on Craigslist.

The Joshua Tree House - before & after

Within weeks we were headed back down to JT, this time to view this house that felt just as special as Joshua Tree itself did to us. Before even stepping foot inside, we knew it was the right place. We could just feel it.

The Joshua Tree House before & after

It's incredible how much this place has changed our lives within just a year and a few months of owning it. We poured our hearts into this place, and we can't wait to have you come experience the hi-dez.

- Sara & Rich