The Joshua Tree Hacienda Living Room (Before & After!)

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After

As some of you may already know, last year we bought both the Hacienda and Casita. We got straight to renovating the Casita, and finally got around to renovating the Hacienda starting late last year. It's been a totally different game renovating AND living in the space. While the Casita took us about four months to renovate, the Hacienda totaled out at almost ten months. Yikes... It felt like we were constantly playing this game of removing things, putting them back, making a mess, and cleaning it up so that we could still use the space during renovations.

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After

There was a lot to do here though! Like the Casita, the house started out with popcorn ceilings (this time painted green rather than mustard). We tore those ceilings out, and replaced them with a wood ceiling. You know how we love those! 

Below, you can see how the space looked the day we moved in. The house came furnished (though it would have saved us a lot of time if it hadn't!). Among many things, we replaced the wall that the tv had been cut into, painted the floors, added Saltillo tile floor to the sunroom area, replaced light fixtures, added new doors. 

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After

The living room now feels much brighter and more open. Part of why we fell in love with this house in the first place were all of the special details (like the rock walls), but we chose to pare down the space so that features like that could shine. Don't they pop out much more in the after photos?

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After
Chair made locally by Fire on the Mesa

Chair made locally by Fire on the Mesa

You can also see in the below photos that we widened the entry way from the front door. Walking into the house, this makes a huge difference as to how much of the living room you can see. It was one of our favorite changes!

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After

When we finally got around to adding furniture, we started with the couch. We wanted something comfortable that would wear in beautifully, so we chose this leather sofa from Article. We've gotta say, it's the most comfortable couch we've ever had!

We were also super excited to be able to work with Katie Gong to create a custom coffee table. We were able to hand select the slab and everything. What a dream come true, and we truly love how it turned out.

The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After
The Joshua Tree Hacienda Before & After

There was so much involved with the renovation of the Hacienda, but we'll save the rest of the rooms for another post (or two or three)! For now, here's where we found all of the pieces for the living room:

Living Room Sources

Couch: Article 
Coffee table: Katie Gong
Rug: vintage
Light fixture: Schoolhouse
Moroccan light fixture: vintage
Couch pillows: vintage, found in Peru (white pillows from Soukie Modern)
Side chair next to the kitchen island: Fire on the Mesa
White side table: West Elm
Safari chair: Etsy
Sheepskin: East Perry
Wood artwork: Aleksandra Zee
Eames chair: DWR
Round jute rug: Serena & Lily
Blankets: Tribe & True and Shop KMI