Holiday Decor as a Natural Extension of Home

Thanksgiving table | The Joshua Tree Hacienda

We spent Thanksgiving surrounded by our desert family, voicing what we were all grateful for. We often acknowledge that this is perhaps the best time in the history of mankind to be living in the desert. We have the comfort of shelter, the ability to work remotely, and have become continuously more and more inspired by the community around us. We feel grateful for our freedom to be able to live and work here, watch the sun come up from the horizon and trail across the sky, and for our home which we spent the majority of this year renovating. Having a space of our own to enjoy with the ones we love makes us so, so happy.

Thanksgiving table | The Joshua Tree Hacienda

Home is a space that should naturally shift with us whether we're hosting a group of friends, or spending a quiet morning alone with a cup of tea. Decor therefore should also be a natural extension of home, reflecting the landscape in which we live. This Thanksgiving we put together a simple center piece using this vase filled with flowers and clippings from our garden. Around that, we piled some gourds, more creosote clippings, and a few candles. 


Other corners of our home are shifting with the seasons as well. In our entry way, our seasonal hats and sweaters become a way to recognize the time of year rather than specific 'holiday decor'. In our bedroom, we've been adding the scent of white sage by adding this essential oil to our diffuser keeping all of the senses in mind.


Moving to the desert has been an enhanced version of cleaning out our closets of posessions we no longer love. This is a place of liberation.