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Your Magnetic Life, a Macrame and Meditation Retreat

Emily Katz and Alexis Davis have designed a sacred container for women to come to connect, to learn, and to activate within them their ability to create through the mediums of meditation and macramé. 

This is a beautiful weekend about the art of letting go and lighting up!

Day One is about coming together and connecting under the big desert evening sky. 

We will honor the new moon together as a way of remembering our power as women and our magic as creators of the new.

Day Two is designed to help untangle ourselves from the beliefs and ideas about ourselves and our world that keep us from being our best selves. We want to make peace with what was in the way in order to make space for a vision-filled future.

Day Three we have the opportunity to fill that fertile space with focused and delectable new visions.  We are magnets and through meditation, macramé, and ceremony we cultivate a deeper sense of clarity around our ability to create and manifest!